We were built in order to motivate of T.E.M.P.E with a good skill and knowledge, parameter of Trading, Education and Training, Marketing and Publication, Production and Creative, Event to Offers a wide spectrum of service with fully dedication and professional to build deeply a total experience with the client

Trading - Education - Marketing - Production - Exhibition



Grow your product with us, we will improve and develop of the potential MSME products for marketing, training, mentoring and coaching.


Education & Training

Everything you need to make a planning SDM Development, In House Training, SDM Consulting, Edu Tech with Digital Technology, all under one stop services at Duta Lintas Jejaring. Our experience team will support you on the employee and management motivated to increase of the company quality and professional services.


Marketing & Media

We provide of creative visual communication and its core technology capable of producing new media portfolios that vividly demonstrate, creativity, conceptual insights, utilize information and communication technology project’s needs so that can improve organizational performance.


Promotion & Publicity

Have you got an effective content strategy? Now it's time to think about the best ways to go about publishing and promoting your content so that it can do the most to grow your business. DLJ is a one-stop shop content marketing solution that understands how to connect your business to its target audience via effective, timely publication and promotion of the awesome content we can help you create.


Event & Mice

As the scale of companies and corporations expands, the need to publicize your product is greater to generate more business interactions. MICE represents a sector of the Corporate, Tourism, and Government that organizes such as Meeting, Event/Exhibition, Conferences, Trade Shows, and Incentive programs. These events are integral for various industries to network, grow, and achieve their objectives. Our comprehensive MICE services offer the expertise and resources required to plan, manage, and execute such events successfully.

Jika berjalan sendiri terasa berat, maka saatnya Anda membutuhkan teman jalan bersama.

Jika berjalan sendiri terasa berat, maka saatnya Anda membutuhkan teman jalan bersama.

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